The beauty of the Sedona Red Rocks is rivaled only by the number of hiking trails created to experience them. As America’s Day Hike Capital, Sedona has more trails (Over 120 Hiking Trails) and better accessibility than any destination in the U.S. Many who will travel to this great destination will see the “red rocks,” but fewer will truly experience them. We have dedicated our lives to creating a “suite of resources” specifically geared at helping you make the most of your Sedona hiking experience. The trails listed below represent the core, or “must do” hiking trails in the area. For additional Easy, Moderate and Difficult trails please go to

Most Popular Hiking Trails

Cathederal Sunset TrailThe “Most Popular” hiking trails in Sedona encompass the trails that showcase the best Sedona has to offer. These trails are made up of easy, moderate and difficult trails. The traits that each of these trails share is their unrivaled beauty and intimacy with the Red Rocks. Preparation is paramount to hiking the trails in Sedona. Your checklist for the trail should include hiking shoes/boots with decent lug depth, socks that do not contain cotton (wool blend or Coolmax), a good topographical map or book, consider the use of a hiking stick or trekking poles to add additional “confidence and stability” to your trek, adequate water (1 liter per hour) and a signaling device (whistle, mirror, fire). For additional information, click here.

Easy Hiking Trails

Easy Hiking Trail“Easy Hiking Trails” are trails that are relatively flat, easy to navigate and under 2 hour to hike. These trails are generally good for all members of the family. Even though these trails are considered easy, we still encourage all of guests to prepare properly with the aforementioned gear listed in the previous section (Most Popular Trails). While these “easy hikes” are a little more than a casual walk, you should have a “closed toe” shoe. We often see casual hikers in flip-flops/sandals which unnecessarily exposes them to the sharp, ruggedness of the Southwest….some of our cactus are unforgiving. For additional “Easy Trails” information, click here.

Moderate Hiking Trails

Moderate Hiking Trail“Moderate Hiking Trails” provide varying degrees of elevations and terrain. Trails will generally have between 400-1000 feet of elevation change. Moderate trails make up the majority of trails in the Sedona Red Rock Trail System. Some the best adventures you will experience here will be on these trails. With increased elevation comes the potential for “slips.” Your hiking shoes/boots with adequate “lug” depth and hiking stick (poles) will aid you greatly as you trek these trails. For additional moderate trails information, click here.

Difficult Hiking Trails

Difficult Hiking Trail “Difficult Hiking Trails” are characterized by steep elevations, increasingly difficult terrain and longer distances. Experienced hikers should only attempt these trails. It would be a disservice if I “sugar coated” what I am about to say—there is potential to die and/or become seriously injured on these trails. Should you not prepare properly then you are increasing these odds. It is highly recommended that you speak with an experienced staff member at The Hike House before setting out on these trails. We share “best practices and tips” for a safe experience on these trails. For additional “Difficult Hiking Trails” information, click here.

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Did you know that Sedona is home to more hiking trails with better accessibility than any other destination in the U.S..? With close to 200 trails, Sedona has become the “mecca” of dayhiking. From The Hike House, there are 43 hiking trails within a 5 mile radius and over 80 trails in a 10 mile radius. Not to take away from some of our other great hiking destinations, but many are characterize by 20-30 trails where you have to drive 45 minutes in each direction to access. They are also covered in … [Read More...]